A debut album can showcase a lot about an artists’ story, but it’s not everyday that an artist can take you into the emotional depth of their journey like Daniel James Smith aka The Order of Life and Death (T.O.L.D.), does with the released of his first album ‘It’s Not About the Witches’ out now.

The 25-year-old British transplant to Los Angeles has been exploring with music since he was a kid having collaborated with Great Britain’s underground scene for years in cities like, London and Birmingham.


With the release his debut album, T.O.L.D shares a dark story of self-discovery, love, growth, and finding the light in our lives. With a track like Live and Let Go, T.O.L.D is able to flawlessly balance synthetic electro pop beats with hip-hop bass, showing the maturity and experience of the talented musician. With real instruments crossed with ambient tropical undertones beats on tracks like,There’s No Truth and my personal favorite Lucifer’s Eyes the songs feel almost spiritual and bring to light the complications of love and the vulnerability it can cause in an individual “See the Sun as it’s setting down for the night, dance with the Devil. When it comes back around it begins to rise, into the heavens”. One of my favorite elements T.O.L.D. incorporates is the use of a fantastic choir, where on a song like, 2 Young, brings an anthemic feel to the music and lyrics.

Its progression from darkness to lightness, heartache to love, T.O.L.D. has let us into his life’s story. I kept thinking if Coldplay and The Killers had a baby – T.O.L.D. would be it.

For more on T.O.L.D. visit and download his album on iTunes

Photo courtesy-  Hassan Rahim

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