Last month, TheDropTV attended the Sprung Music Festival held at Stanford University. There, the crew got a chance to sit down with the two headliners of the event, rapper Goldlink and producer Sango. These two artists have been fast on the come-up, fusing their hip-hop backgrounds with electronic elements in a unique and refreshing way. […]

Coachella & The War of the Weekends

Probably the most recognizable music and arts festival in the country, Coachella has showcased the hottest talent and provided some of the most memorable moments in recent music history. Coachella’s recent rise in popularity has allowed for the festival to take its festivities and extend it to two weekends. The stages are all the same […]

Don’t Sleep On That (Louis) Futon

Here at the DropTV, we are fully in support of all things baby-making. So, if you’re familiar with Louis Futon’s work, it should be easy to see why we would be infatuated with the young producer. The Philadelphian artist has been on a tear lately, dropping some of the sexiest, thrust-worthy tracks we’ve come across. […]

Lido Got Songs, Indeed

As Lido would tell you, he’s got songs. As those familiar with Lido’s work will tell you, he’s got more than just songs. Right now, the young Norwegian artist has got a sizeable following, and it’s looking like it’s only getting bigger. Over the past year or so, the talented producer has been dropping hot […]

Jai Wolf

Last month, TheDropTV did an introductory piece on Jai Wolf, featuring his rise to popularity and highlighting some of our favorite tracks. Recently, we were lucky enough to connect with the New York City producer during his tour stop in San Francisco. Last year was a big year for the 23 year old producer/DJ. He […]

Anonymous Appeal

In a day and age where artists are one click away from broadcasting themselves and their music to the world, it’s always interesting to track those who take a different path to fame. Several artists are now using the strategy of mystery and anonymity to create buzz, and it is quite entertaining and certainly worth noting. […]