Dropping in with AronChupa



Swedish DJ/Producer, AronChupa, didn’t just break into the EDM scene – he charged into it with a massive single that’s topping charts worldwide. Aron originally started off as a soccer player but morphed his way into the music scene with Swedish group, Albatraoz, and then cemented his place by transitioning into a killer solo act with his hit single “I’m an Albatraoz”. Not to mention that his feat earned him a coveted position at the Ultra Mainstage in 2015. He also launched a kickstarter-like platform, YouTube Billionaire, for fan made videos where every play gets a cent – encouraging fans to really break the
boundaries of social media and pile on those views. We sat down with AronChupa to get a look at the mind behind the track, his transition from sports to music and what the rest of 2015 has in store for him.



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