Dropping in with Lily Elise


There’s a new name for female artists on the come up, it’s Lily Elise. Our host Alexander Nez dropped in with her to get a scoop on how life’s been after her time working alongside Christina Aguilera during season 1 of The Voice. Though she did not win, she’s been wining in other facets. Lily has been featured with big name artists such as Dillon Francis, Felix Carte and just released her newest single “Taken” off her forthcoming EP due this summer. She might have walked off The Voice stage earlier than she anticipated, but she took the stage with Dillon Francis recently to perform their song “Hurricane” together at The Shrine Auditorium in Downtown Los Angeles. Tune in to our exclusive interview with her as we show you what it’s like to have an emerging vocalist tell her story on the path to glory. We’re living in a day and age where the competition for female artists is exponentially growing every day. What makes Lily so different? One year from reading this article and watching our interview, will she be the next big thing? Elise’s talent speaks for itself, and for the first time on The Drop TV were giving our fans a special performance by Lily of her dark & gritty song, “Taken” after the interview. To watch her continue to grow you can follow her on twitter/Instagram @Lillianaire

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