Jai Wolf

Last month, TheDropTV did an introductory piece on Jai Wolf, featuring his rise to popularity and highlighting some of our favorite tracks. Recently, we were lucky enough to connect with the New York City producer during his tour stop in San Francisco.

Last year was a big year for the 23 year old producer/DJ. He continuously dropped hot tracks and garnered approval from big names like Skrillex, but you could hardly tell in our conversations with him. Probably one of the more down to earth artists we’ve encountered, Jai was appreciative of all the love being shown for his music, yet he understood that he has a lot left to do in the game.

His insight on creating great music without fitting his sound into a specific genre was refreshing. He explained that he had gone through some trials and errors with past projects, but now he finds that he is making music that he loves and people have been supporting it.

It was immediately obvious to us that Jai was quite the intellectual person. Jai eloquently shared his thoughts on his rise in popularity, his influences, and how he developed his sound.  It was interesting to hear him explain that living in the big city was lonely at times despite all the people around, and that loneliness is somewhat reflected in his music. That being said, he expressed happiness that people are loving what he’s producing, and hopes that people will continue to show love for his new material this year.

After picking his brain for a few hours, we finally watched him perform at San Francisco’s 1015 Folsom venue. He played his infectious tracks such as Ease My Mind and With You, while also sprinkling in a few crowd-pleasers in his set. Overall, it was a great show on a night when the venue celebrated Chinese New Year. Check out our exclusive interview with Jai and get a glimpse of his performance above.

As Jai wraps up his tour, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. With some original tracks in the works, we expect another great year from the young producer. To stay up to date with the latest on Jai Wolf, check his SoundCloud or Facebook.




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