Lido – Lover of Pokemon, N64, and Music Without Compromise

It’s through weirdly concocted chord progressions. It’s through creatively teetering drum patterns. It’s through utilizing a sultry singing voice. It’s through grooving and thumping on various machines and instruments. More importantly, it’s through a defiant attitude towards the existing music establishments. As he tells it, the Lido project is him making and performing music that he wants without any compromise… and it’s causing people to change their assumptions about electronic music.

In the past couple of years, Lido has been smoothly peppering the scene with some amazing EP’s and remixes, and has been doing so without any sort of regard for the norm. Though his niche is apparent, even he has a hard time describing his music. One thing is for sure– whatever it is that people have come to expect out of an electronic artist, Lido has blinders to it. He’s simply taking his diversely developed talents, complicated instruments, and weird sounds, and “making something cool.”


We hopped on Lido’s tour bus only a few days removed from the release of his R&B EP with Santell, and approaching the final week or so of his tour. From the jump, the dedication to his craft was evident. Despite it being a so-called “off day” for him, Lido was still hard at work, tinkering with his upcoming album while getting in additional rehearsals for his tour. I guess it shouldn’t come as surprise with all the music and shows he’s been recently churning out, but his light-hearted personality sort of leaves you with the impression that all this is somewhat effortless to him.

If you stroll through the internet, you’ll easily learn that Lido has a crazily eclectic background. He relayed that sentiment to us as we asked him about his past. Without getting too specific, Lido expressed how it took him a minute before actually evolving into what he is today, which is a jack-of-all-trades musician (with an emphasis on the word “musician”) with a penchant for creating unique tracks and exuding gravitational pulls on other talents inside and outside of EDM (see Chance the Rapper, Halsey, and Wave Racer). The product of his gospel, hip-hop, R&B, and pop influences have culminated into something special with the heavily electronic Lido project, and yet, he gave every impression that this was just the start of something new. He stressed that there is no need to do what is expected or make music that sounds like everything else, all the while paying homage to the music that he has loved and appreciated through the years.


“We’re onto something here. What if we [make music] without compromising? What if we do it without trying to cater to the radio?”

His optimistic perspective on the current states of EDM and specifically R&B are accompanied by his disdain for the powers-that-be taking his remixes off the internet.

To put it simply, he isn’t shy about showing love for what he loves. Rather, Lido is enamored with sharing his passions and interests— whether that is music, Pokemon, dope shirts, or Nintendo64 (He was juiced to learn that we had brought some N64 games from Japan to play after we finished the Q&A. Stay tuned for that video). The transparency of his passions is what has made him so endearing to his fans, not that he needs anything more than his music to be loved.

Maybe one of the more intriguing questions we posed to him was “What is your spirit Pokemon?” Not surprisingly, he said Eevee. You’ll find evidence of his love for Eevee throughout his social media posts. But if you think that he chose Eevee just because, you’re sorely mistaken. Of course, with Lido, everything is thought out smoothly. While the cuteness of the critter Pokemon is apparent, Lido described that he has an affinity for Eevee because the pokemon is the symbol of potential. (For those who aren’t Pokemon nerds, Eevee has the ability to evolve into a plethora of other Pokemon characters.)

As many are starting to figure out, Lido is the embodiment of potential being realized. He is infuriatingly talented, unapologetically creative, and he is just starting to hit his stride.


Lido is making his mark, leaving his trademark four note sequence on everything he touches. If you weren’t able to catch him on his LidoGotShows Tour, we’re a bit saddened for you. Lido has stated that this might be the last time he plays some of his remixes live. However, you can take some solace in knowing that his new album is just around the corner, and that he’ll be taking the new music on stage with him on his next trek around the world.

Want to more learn more about Lido? Get familiar with him and his tracks on his website here.


Images Courtesy of LidoGotPix, aka Lido


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