2015 marked a milestone for the Do Lab’s precious Lighting in a Bottle. Bringing in some huge acts such as Flume, RL Grime, Tycho and Aluna George, this year was the festival’s first sell-out year ever and my first time experiencing the event ever. If you got the opportunity to attend this year’s premiere event, you’ll be more than ecstatic to hear that the Do Lab’s official after movie is here..and it’s awesome.  If you didn’t get to attend, the video is still a great watch and a way to discover more about Lightning in a Bottle!

Accompanied by the blaring horns and heavy bass drums of RL Grime, one of many artists who set the Thunder Stage on fire this year, the video takes you on a visual quest covering every inch of this festival – day and night. It captures the music, the art, the architecture, and the good vibes. Shot by both humans and drones, the video takes you soaring over the sails of the Lightning Stage, down into the Temple and various classrooms and kitchens, zooming through the vast campgrounds, and up into the sky to give you an overlook of the entire civilization. Vinton Depiction, the filmmaker of this incredible movie, says “LIB is proof that within all of us is a single creative spark that can give rise to unlimited possibility and potential. That spark is seen in “do­art”, heard through walls of deep sound, and felt in the hearts of each world what’s possible.” His interpretation is effortlessly reflected in this after movie and the various lightning bolts glowing throughout the video made for a nice visual effect that hinted at the overall theme of the movie.

I’m being brought back to some of my fondest moments of May watching this video. There is no doubt next year and the coming Lightning in a Bottles will be selling out, especially after witnessing an after movie like this.

Coming up on the Do Lab’s schedule is their Dirtybird Campout, co-proudced with Dirtybird. The festival will take place this October in Silverado, California. Check out the website here to learn more about the campout!

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