Merch Mondays: Major Lazer Pillows


Don’t sleep on these pillows. I mean, I guess you can, in the literal sense. The point we’re trying to make is that these pillows are too dope to pass up for any Major Lazer fan. Major Lazer has always had some of the best artist merchandise, but these pillows are sure as heck the comfiest.


In case you aren’t aware, Major Lazer is the fictional cartoon character/electronic group comprised of EDM titan Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. The group’s musical success led to the development of a Major Lazer TV show that has aired on FXX. In the show, the futuristic Jamaican freedom fighter with a lazer gun for a right hand is in constant battle against villain General Rubbish. The show is every bit as outlandish and bizarre as you can imagine, but is certainly worth checking out once.  


Major Lazer and General Rubbish are, at the very least, an enjoyably atypical hero and villain combo. And now, you can have these two characters in pillow form. The “Face Pillows” are cute little compliment to any bed spread. However, the Major Lazer action figure buddy pillow is downright adorable. So, if sleep is the mission, check the Major Lazer website for these bad boys.

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