Moving Castle

It all started with a text message. “We should start a collective.” And thus, Moving Castle was born.

What began as a few college students messing around on SoundCloud, is now an expanding collective of artists that extends seemingly worldwide. From Australia to Miami. New York to the UK. Austin to Massachusetts. Manila and beyond. Moving Castle is a crew of young individuals that have somewhat accidentally grown to be a close-knit group of friends, bouncing tracks off of each other to find their niche in the growing electronic scene.

Thank you, internet.

This collective of young artists (ranging from 17 to mid-20’s) found each other through various music and social media applications, messaging each other and giving each other their nods of approval. Adding a member here and collaborating with a member there, the crew is coming onto the scene, dropping hot track after hot track, seemingly adding members on the fly. The current count is at 20ish members, with the simple common denominator being an appreciation for each other’s music.

Certainly, some names are more recognizable than others, but the collective gives off the vibe that no single member is greater than another.

“[We’ve talked] every single day, for the past year.”
-Yung Wall Street.

“We have this long group chat with everyone that gets pretty ridiculous.”
– AOBeats.

The founders of the crew, AOBeats, Hunt for the Breeze, Manila Killa, and Robokid, will tell you that they probably never expected their collective to reach where it is today. But with the additions of Vices, Mark Johns, WRLD, Yung Wall Street, Dugong Jr., Kappa Kavi, Jailo, Ba-Kuura, Dirty Chocolate, Bamf, Catt Moop, Chet Porter, and Treehaus, you can understand how the collective has received the adulation it has gotten. Each member has their specific talents and each member brings each other up with support and inspiration.

“Everybody in the collective has been influential to me.”
-Hunt for the Breeze

A few months back, TheDropTV got to hang out with Castle member Jai Wolf. He explained how the crew worked together to create something special. He probably understands the benefit of the camaraderie greater than most, as he is rising through the ranks of the electronic scene. Jai is a blooming star, being found on lineups like Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Hard Summer, but you’ll see that he shouts out the crew at every turn.

If you take a look at their twitter pages, they seem like pretty normal people. They play pranks on each other. They spew inside jokes that the public would probably never understand. And admittedly, there’ll sometimes even be a flare-up between members. Nothing uncommon in a family type of atmosphere, though.

“I see [these guys] more than I see my own family, so it’s pretty cool.”

This sort of D.I.Y. gathering of artistic minds is a testament to the new age of music and technology. With the tools of the internet and the collective drives for success, these young artists are putting their names in the game as a collective to be reckoned with. Not to mention, Skrillex is down with the crew, even rocking their shirts from time to time.

Moving Castle is next up. Be sure to check them out their respective shows. TheDropTV was lucky enough to catch AOBeats, RoboKid, Hunt for the Breeze, and Yung Wall Street at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, and they certainly put on a show. Check out our interview with them above, and follow their SoundCloud profiles to stay updated on their latest releases.



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