On the Down Low with Dapp

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One of my biggest motivations to wake up in the morning is getting up to scroll through my Soundcloud feed. Sometimes I strike out, but sometimes I hit gold. A few months ago when Jack Ü dropped their first official EP, I stumbled upon a remix of their track Jungle Bae, done by GLD & Dapp. Being a remix, it strays far from the original Jungle-Terror style of the track, and is definitely not your average trap song. It has some of the glitchiest break-beat drum patterns intertwined with Bunji Garlin’s dancehall vocals. When I listen to this track I can’t help but grin with excitement while the track smashes me in the face. Dapp did a great job at transforming this track into something new and original.


Every now and then Dapp will find his way onto my Soundcloud feed.



This time with a quirky remix he did of Valentino Khan’s song “Deep Down Low”. If you haven’t heard the original “Deep Down Low”, it’s basically one of the hottest tracks of 2015. Every damn DJ and their mother is throwing this into their sets. So when I heard Dapp‘s remix Deep Down Low, I was immediately impressed by his ability to create such a fresh version of an overplayed track. He slowed the BPMs down and transformed the track into a groovy twerk style anthem. With the classic sound of vinyl scratching in the background, the words “Deep Down Low” are repeated in sync with kick drum hits. This is a genius way to revise the song and almost seems like a more appropriate use of the vocal samples. It may arguably be better than the original. It was allegedly the #1 most played track at EDC Las Vegas 2015 according to LessThan3No one could resist dropping it. Pretty good for an under ground producer with only 8,000 followers on Soundcloud!



It ain’t over yet! Last week I found yet another badass track from Dapp. At this point I’ve accepted the fact that any production coming from this guy is going to be fire. This track is called “Do It Again.”
He wastes no time with an intro and starts the track immediately with steady a buildup leading into one of the grittiest drops in the bass world. I had no idea what would take place after this drop, but when it hit me I was not prepared for the wall of bass that would break through my eardrums. A barrage of machine gun blasts flutter in between the massive kick drum hits, unleashing utter chaos. Percussion being the driving force behind this track, it makes me think that Dappmay be on the cutting edge of the bass music genre.
That being said, those are my top three favorite songs by Dapp. If you liked the sounds from this Bass maniac, head over to his soundcloud and check out his page.
Judging by the way he pumps tracks out, you’ll be hearing a lot more of this guy in the future.

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