The Drop TV Recap

The Drop Television is proud to show our fans never before seen footage with Krewella and a sneak peak into our most talked about game, DJ Who? We’ve shown you guy’s artists such as Benny Benassi, Krewella, Audrey Napoleon and Black Boots. Now it’s our duty to recap the early stages of The Drop T.V. […]

Dropping In With Black Boots

The Drop Television is proud to announce our exclusive with Ultra Music recording artists Black Boots. Bread from one of the heaviest EDM cities on the planet, Las Vegas, Nevada, our host Alexander Nezquick gets down to the bottom of their unique name and the creation behind one of their latest music videos “Street Walker”. This […]


During EDC weekend our boi Nezquick dropped in with The Queen Of Darkness, Ms. Audrey Napoleon. By far one of the juiciest interviews The Drop TV has produced so far. Audrey talks about her inspiration behind her latest music video: “Dope A La Mode” and sharing her first EDC experience with none other than Kaskade.

Benny Benassi @EDC

Follow @DropTelevision The Drop TV had the pleasure and honor of dropping in with one of the biggest innovators of electronic house music. Benny Benassi has been in the game for over a decade now and he keeps going at the age of 46! Nezquick finds out how John Legend and Benny teamed up for […]

A Word From Nez

Follow @DropTelevision To my friends and family I’m proud to announce The Drop TV’s official release of our interview we did at Hard Summer ’13. This has been a long and crazy ride and were only getting started. Our website is currently under construction as myself and my Drop TV team are developing some amazing […]

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