As festival season is approaching Goldenvoice and the Mayor of Indio have granted us with a festival-warming gift. A new festival.

Goldenvoice, one of the leading festival producers in California, together with the City of Indio put on two of California’s most massive music events at the Empire Polo Club every year: Coachella and Stagecoach. Every year these events brings in thousands of people and over a million dollars in revenue for the City. These events are extremely beneficial for the City and because of that the City signed a 2013 contract agreement to keep Coachella and Stagecoach within Indio City limits though 2030.


According to the Desert Sun, the agreement signed in 2013 not only kept Goldenvoice in the Valley, but allowed for Goldenvoice to expand event offerings from three to five weekends at the Polo Club. WIth Coachella taking place two weekends and Stagecoach one weekend, it leaves two weekends with potential for a new event. No news has been released in regards to what kind of festival we can expect. Indie? Hip Hop? Transformational? Just recently Glenn Miller, Mayor of Indio, announced that the city has been working with Goldenvoice to put together an event that would take place in fall. “Significant progress” has been made and a new event is “imminent” says Miller.

We don’t expect the festival to make its debut this coming fall, but we can hope to come together for a new music and arts event come 2017. Meanwhile, we can get ourselves ready for this year’s Coachella.

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