Spotlight Series: Coachella 2016

Lineup 2016

Can you feel it? Festival Season is coming. Coachella released their lineup a few weeks ago and as always, a slew of lineup posters continuously hit our news feed. This year, their lineup features LCD Soundsystem, Guns N Roses and Calvin Harris as the headliners. These guys have earned THE font; the font you can see without a magnifying glass… and deservedly so.

But what about all the other artists listed in the tiny, ant-sized font? Every year, I try to get familiar with the names that initially don’t catch my eye. The process is tedious, but fun nonetheless.

Find the band → Breeze through their catalog → Finally find one track that you can call your favorite.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. So many artists, so many songs, so little time.

We’re here to help.

Every week here at the Drop, we will highlight some of the lesser known artists who we’re looking forward to checking out leading up to the festival.

Peep our first selection after the drop.



When: Friday, April 15 & 22



Highlight Track: Open Up


Gallant is one of the new names contributing to R&B’s recent resurgence. The singer/songwriter has collaborated with fellow Coachella performer Zhu and has had his track Weight in Gold remixed by some of dance music’s best.

Open Up feels like you’re listening to Michael Jackson’s falsetto over some production by Flume. The track shows just why the man is capturing everyone’s ear at the moment.

Gallant is one you do not want to miss this year in the desert.



When: Saturday, April 16 & 23



Highlight Track: HARD


SOPHIE’s been quietly making waves the past couple years, bringing a sound that’s hard to put it one box. His unique blend of pop music vocals, whizzing synths and pitch bends produce a sound that’ll make you move.

This track, HARD, feels like SOPHIE is throwing a million different sounds at you. The hyperactive track includes elements reminiscent of Aqua’s Barbie Girl with a unique bounce similar to TNGHT’s Bugg’n.

BONUS: You’ll probably recognize another one of his tracks from that catchy McDonald’s commercial.



When: Sunday, April 17 & 24



Highlight Track: Before the World Was Big

This folk-pop band is performing on Sunday to help close out the festival.

Before the World was Big displays their raw stripped down sound at its best.

Their tracks are carried by their combination of guitar and bass. They have no drummer. The duo’s nursery rhymes come at you in unison, sometimes sounding like a pair of whiny babies. But it works.


Check back here at the Drop next week for our next round of picks.

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