The Drop TV Presents : Kraddy


New York born Matthew Kratz, aka “Kraddy”, has been a household name in the Electronic Music scene since the mid-2000s when he co-founded one of EDMs most renowned acts, The Glitch Mob. But Kraddy wasn't ready to stop there. After his departure from the Glitch titans in 2009, he focused his efforts on a solo career which took off with “Android Porn” (2008). Along the way he's tackled well known tracks (like Rob Zombie's “Superbeast”) to produce even higher-octane remixes. Most recently, this New Yorker has been working on “Live and Direct.” This breakthrough podcast (backed by Adobe) aims to really get to know an artist and show them in a candid light all while taking a page out of Howard Stern's book, who he credits as a major inspiration. Check out who Kraddy plans to showcase on his new venture right here on The Drop TV!