Booty poppin, pizza, and a Boi named Troy. What a night.

As a music lover and someone that enjoys his fair share of shows, the Trap City event at San Francisco’s 1015 Folsom has to be one of the better show experiences I’ve had in recent memory. With some great DJ’s blessing the stage, dancers working the crowd, and an electric energy running through the building, the event had the perfect combination of quality music, partying atmosphere, and general outrageousness.

…and TroyBoi lit the place on fire. He dropped banger after banger, and got the 1015 Folsom crowd bumping.

If you’ve been paying attention to the trap scene lately, you know that the London native is quickly becoming an artist to be reckoned with. With some big cosigns from artists like Diplo and Flosstradamus, Troy is sweeping through the US, playing a bunch of shows while still dropping an absurd amount of music on the way.

Before we stepped into the famous San Francisco venue, we got a chance to sit down with TroyBoi and hear that captivating British accent. Right from the start of our interview, we understood that even with all the grand success he’s had over the past year, this was one of the most humble artists we’ve come across. He touched on his meteoric rise and delved into his massive collaboration with Flosstradamus, yet he repeatedly expressed gratitude for the folks that have helped him along the way, especially the fans.

With the Trap scene being so big in the US, TroyBoi expressed his joy in finding out how many fans he had on this side of the Atlantic. Back home, TroyBoi is essentially heading up the trap scene, and while the trap scene is certainly progressing in Europe, it surely is not what you’d find here stateside. So, when he’s here, he puts on a show.

TroyBoi quickly took control of the crowd at 1015, and it was easy to see why he has been coming up so fast. Obviously, his production is impressive, but performing live, his transitions were clean, he was undeniably engaging with the crowd, and it looked like he was having loads of fun unleashing his tracks. It was simply fun to just watch.

Credit must also go to Trap City and the Trap City dancers for making the event so great. It was booty poppin galore. At one point, the Trap City dancers brought out a box of pizza, started twerking with a few slices in hand, and proceeded to throw those slices into the crowd. As you can imagine, the place went nuts. How could they not? Pepperoni and booty poppin? A great combination.

As noteworthy as that was, however, it was apparent that TroyBoi stole the show. With more tracks on the way from the talented producer, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him. If you’d like more information on where to catch him live, find it here. Until then, check out his SoundCloud for more music from him and from his duo project SoundSnobz with his running mate Icekream.

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