The anticipation for Harley Streten’s new album is higher than ever these days. Streten, better known as Flume, is the 24-year old multi-instrumental wizard whose self titled debut album dropped over 3 years ago. That project was an absolute hit (housing some of my favorite tracks to date, including Sleepless and Holdin On), and landed the young Australian producer on everyone’s radar.


But now, Flume is getting set to drop his next solo project, and folks are bracing for impact. Flume had first publicly hinted at the idea of a new album in the mix back in 2014 on Twitter and since then I’ve been waiting patiently. Luckily for us Flume fans, the producer had a bit of pent up creativity and couldn’t help but leave us some breadcrumbs along the way. Since the release of Flume, Harley released a handful of remixes including the Hyperparadise Remix, the Slasher Remix, the Afterlife Remix, and of course Lorde’s Tennis Courts. The producer even worked on some side projects including the electronic duo [with Emoh] What So Not and The Lockjaw EP with fellow Australian buddy Chet Faker.

After closing out his tour in 2015, it had seemed as though the producer had returned home to really work on this so-called album. (At least that’s what appeared to be happening via social media) As much as I loved the different opportunities to catch him live last year, I was ready for him to get to work on the new album. I was so curious what direction he’d be going in with this new album. According to a previous interview with Triple J, Flume claimed the new stuff will so much bigger from a sonic standpoint. “What I’ve been doing [lately] is I’ve been getting a lot of Hollywood sound effects libraries and cartoon sounds – sounds that humans have made – and using those sounds in the music where they shouldn’t be used. Instead of claps, these days I’m using ice cracks, like an icicle cracking against a table – weird things like that” says the young producer.



Earlier this month Flume teased us a preview of the album tracks while unveiling the album title – Skin. If you haven’t gotten a chance to hear it yet, listen to the soundcloud link above. It appears this album has gained more sophistication and complexity since Flume in 2012. Flume as also released a couple full length tracks already featuring collaborations with Kai and Vince Staples. When can we expect the release of the album in full? No clear date has been leaked, but it seems as though Flume may be hinting at us…


February 1st? We’re probably reaching with this one, but who knows.

Stay up to date with latest Flume news by checking out his Facebook or website here. The producer has already begun releasing dates for his 2016 tour. You don’t want to miss out.

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